Our Services

Audio Visual Services and Rentals

We provide an extensive list of services and equipment addressing  all areas of your event.
This includes but is not limited to:

  • audio visual equipment rentals
  • widescreen video & data projection systems
  • ultra-wide multiprojector edge blending
  • high definition systems
  • multi camera packages
  • video conferencing
  • webcasting
  • teleconferencing
  • simultaneous interpretation
  • audio and video recording
  • press conferences
  • audience response systems
  • presentation management
  • on-site technical support

Technical Production

In addition to equipment rentals, we offer a full range of technical production services.  Events which require detailed timelines, multiple and simultaneous meetings and elaborate formats can be made simple with our contribution.  We are experts in mapping out chronological sequences and ensuring the effective management of the technical aspects of your event. When an event requires the management of multiple sessions or meetings we ensure the logistical plan is developed and implemented with meticulousness.

Production and Event Management Services

Through our strategic partnership with Timewise Event Management we offer a full range of production management services as well as full service event coordination.  If you require full service production or event coordination beyond the technical aspect, we would be happy to discuss how we can contribute to the success of your event.

Technology Utilization

Technology in the meetings and events industry is advancing rapidly. We place importance on making emerging technologies available to our clients. These technologies may include mobile phone applications, QR codes, RFIDs or online registration/evaluation systems. We are committed to bringing you new ideas, including feasibility assessments and delivery implementation.  We place a priority on staying knowledgeable and ensuring access to the latest innovations. We recognize the importance of maintaining an innovative mindset, and ensure we always have an inventory matching that objective.